You've planned your wedding for months, perhaps even several years!  On this day, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.  Your family and best friends will be in attendance, and the events will be worth reliving over and over again--and that's where we come in! 
     We will video the events of your wedding day, edit the video, and provide you with a professionally produced DVD video of your wedding and reception.  You will be able to relive the events for years to come! 

     Below is some basic information about us, our equipment and editing tools, how we operate, and sample wedding videos.  Likewise, there is a link to our WEDDING VIDEO PRICES & PACKAGES.
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     As outdoors enthusiasts, we posses a great deal of experience behind the camera, in what would be for most people, stressful and unusual, situations.  I have found ways to transfer many of the shot types we encounter in the outdoors, over to the wedding video, creating some very nice footage.
     As the primary videographer and editor, I understand that your memories are important.  That's why I strive to provide my customers with the best video services possible.  My team and I adhere to all the rules of professionalism and respect for your big day!  While no one can always please everyone, I am confident that you will be satisfied with the results of our work!


It has become commonplace in the wedding video industry for customers to see fancy words such as: CMOS and LUX, in reference to video camera capability.  Without getting into great detail, I can assure you that we use PROFESSIONAL video equipment.
     Our camera is the Sony NXCAM NX5U.  It has a 72mm lens with three 1/3" CMOS sensors  for low light capability (although you should bear in mind that all video cameras, regardless of CMOS type, still need some reasonable amount of light for best quality)
.  It has XLR connectors for a variety of accessories such as, shotgun and wireless lavaliere microphones, lights and other accessories. 
     For sound capture, we use an on-camera shotgun-type microphone, a UHF wireless lavaliere microphone, a hand-held microphone, and a professional grade sound recorder.  Our equipment is manufactured by familiar names such as:  Sony, Zoom and Audio-Technica, just to name a few.
     Our editing software is by Sony.  We use Sony Vegas Pro-12 with New Blue Titler Pro.  This program is very powerful, and allows me to do pretty much anything imaginable in video editing. 
     Finally, we have a full production license to use our library of Wedding Reflections and Essentials from "Production Garden Music."  Watch the sample wedding videos I've posted on this website, and you will hear some of those selections.


     Whenever possible, we like to attend your wedding rehearsal, where we can discuss and examine mutual options and preferences for the ceremony setup.
     During the ceremony and for much of the reception, our primary camera will be set up on a pro-quality tripod.  If multiple cameras are present, the second camera may be on a tripod, or operated hand-held.  It's purpose will be to provide "B-Roll" coverage (additional shots at a variety of angles and close-ups), that can be  used in post-production editing. 
     At the reception, I often do "Run-And-Gun" shooting, which is basically hand-held and mobile.  This allows me to capture a variety of shot angles during the dances and other events.  Using this style during the dances, allows me to capture a more personal feel and perspective of the dance(s).  Often, I am weaving through the crowd, recording everyone at a variety of angles, including the infamous Dutch Angles and elevated Dutch Angles.  I attempt to record the dances with as much personal flare as I am able.  The end result is a DVD showing video of the events as they occurred and as you remember them!
     However, it is YOUR WEDDING, and if you prefer a less obtrusive style, then I will certainly accommodate your wishes.


     We use Sony Vegas Pro-12 NLE video editing software.  This is a pro-level software application, which provides us with an array of creative tools for the development of title headings, transitions, SFX, Video FX, color corrections and many other video editing enhancements.  We can do a lot with this software!
    Music and sound are also very important components to the video editing process.  ALL MUSIC IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED BY FEDERAL LAW!  There are no exceptions to this rule, despite the common myths we hearWith that stated, we do our best to use the music you wish under the rules of the law.  We have a library of wedding music for which we posses a blanket broadcast production license to use in all our video productions. Please watch some of the wedding demos posted on this page in order to sample our work, and hear some of the music we use.