Bill Fox

   I took my hunter's safety course at Marion Hill Sportsman's Club in New Brighton, Pennsylvania in 1981, at the age of twelve; the state legal age. That same year, I received my first firearm; an H&R Topper .12 gauge shotgun for my birthday from my mom.  My bowhunting career officially began in 1991, but the art of shooting a bow and arrow started much earlier.  As a youth, I constructed bows and arrows from tree limbs, shoe strings and bird feathers!  The "arrows" were carefully carved with a knife, and finely honed on the concrete of our walkway.  The bird feathers served as fletching, while shoe strings worked fine as a bow string!
       Armed with my make-shift rig, I spent many hours hunting rabbits and other small creatures in the local woodlots of East Rochester, Pennsylvania—without success.  I've been a passionate hunter and bowhunter ever since.  It's in my blood, and my favorite method of hunting elusive Pennsylvania Whitetails.
       I'm an average hunter, like the majority of you.  While many deer hunters are seeking 130 or more points (and there is nothing wrong with that), I'm looking only for 4-points on one side, each point measuring one inch or longer—the present legal minimum within my hunting areas.  I hunt for food!  I have a complete dislike for those who shoot a buck and then apologize for killing it because the deer didn't score high enough for the record book.  I see this too often on many of the TV shows and DVD's.  My question to these hunters is: "why did you shoot the deer in the first place?"
      My belief is that any deer, particularly those taken with a bow and arrow, is a trophy!  Every deer I encounter in the woods, whether I take a shot at it or simply capture video of the animal, makes it into my own record book—my personal hunting journals.
      Do I dream of “monster” bucks?  Absolutely!  I just take issue with those who have an elitist mentality towards others who take a buck that doesn't measure up to their standards.  I've come across this elitism in the fly fishing world as well.   I’m proud of any deer that I take, especially those with my Mathews Switchback XT! 
       I find myself intolerant of those who kill deer for sport, feeling the need to fill every doe tag they buy simply because they paid for them.  I'm not a sport hunter; I'm a meat hunter!  And I kill only what I can and will consume, while maintaining absolute respect for the animals.  When I launch an arrow or bullet at a doe, I try to hold out for an adult, although it sometimes doesn’t work out that way.  Young or old, I respect every deer I kill, and you will never see me apologizing for shooting it!
       I'm an Endowment Life Member of the National Rifle Association; a member of The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania, Beaver Valley Archers, Rochester Sportsman's Club, and Harmony-Zelienople Sportsman's Club.  I’d served seven years as Editor and Publisher for the Penns Woods West Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  I am politically active and a vocal defender of freedom and the Constitution of the United States.
       My best friends in the world are my canine companions; if only people could be more like our four-legged friends, the world would be a much better place.
       I've been married to my wonderful wife, Leslie since 1998.  She's my life partner who understands my passion for the woods and waters of Pennsylvania. Without her encouragement and support, I would never have stepped into the world of video production.  She's an important background member of our team.
       My step-son, Zach, is my best hunting partner.  We've made many memories together in the forests and on the trout streams of Penns Woods.  We are the hunting and fishing team you will see featured in our video publications.  I taught him everything he knows about deer and deer hunting, and fly fishing.  Now he's teaching me a thing or two!
       I've been a fisherman since the age of six.  My fly fishing career began around 1991 or 1992.  Given my preference, I'll take up a fly rod anytime, although I do fish for other species on occasion with spinning gear.
       Having come from a broken home and raised without a father for most of my early days, Pennsylvania's woods and waters has been my saving grace.  As blood brother Ted Nugent says regarding his bow and arrow: "It saved my life!" 
       Without my wonderful mother and departed grandmother to instill upon me their Christian values, I would not be who I am today.  My step-father is also my hunting and fishing partner, but more importantly, my friend!  Were it not for these wonderful people in my life, who knows where I might have ended up?
       Our team is looking forward to bringing the wholesome outdoors to you through our video productions.  We don't know exactly where this will lead us, but as we walk the path of life and death, we're certain to enjoy the wonders of the natural environment lent to us by the Great Spirit.

Happy hunting and fishing! 
And above all, GOD BLESS!

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Zach Dobsch

    My love for the outdoors actually began with fishing.  It’s where I had my first taste and start as an outdoorsman, at a young age.  Simple trips to the now-closed, Hereford Manor Lake in Butler County Pennsylvania, and Brady’s Run Lake in Beaver County Pennsylvania, fills my earliest of fishing memories.  Catching bluegills and small bass soon evolved into hooking much bigger fish such as largemouth bass and trout. 

                I love passing time with my fly rod in hand, catching whatever is willing, even the good ‘ole bluegill!  However, fishing the trout streams of Western Pennsylvania is where my heart lies.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a relaxing day on the lakeside, but my true fishing passion lies in fly fishing Pennsylvania’s cold-water trout streams!  And my favorite style of fly fishing is dry fly fishing.  Nothing beats tricking a trout into rising to the surface and taking your imitation fly! 

                One of my favorite quotes is from the book and movie, “A River Runs Through It,” where Norman Maclean refers to his father’s beliefs; “If our father had had his say, nobody who did not know how to fish would be allowed to disgrace a fish by catching him.”

                When the water temperatures get too warm for good trout fishing, largemouth bass and cat fishing during the summer months comes into full swing!  I almost lost a brand new fishing rod on a monster catfish in Zelienople Sportsman’s Club Lake (a great campfire story)!

                Fishing eventually merged with hunting.  Combined, it has lead me to who I am today, and where I find myself in the world.  Of course, this is the “super-condensed” version of my outdoor upbringing. 

                At the age of 12, I took my hunter’s safety course at Beaver High School, and began my hunting career that autumn.  My first rifle was a .243 Winchester Howa Model 1200, which was presented to me on my twelfth birthday by my step-dad, Bill Fox.  During my first hunt that same year, I made an excellent shot on a 5 point buck on State Game Lands 117, in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  That rifle served as my primary hunting rifle up until two years ago, when I purchased a Ruger Model 77 in 7mm Remington Magnum.  After that first buck, I was hooked on hunting!  Since my first year as a deer hunter, I’ve only been “skunked” once, and man was that an interesting year (a story for another time and place!) 

                Only recently, have I started the “art,” as I like to call it, of hunting with bow and arrow.  It’s my opinion that, if you’re not bow-hunting, you are missing out on the best part of the hunting season!  I began my bow-hunting career using a Parker Buck Hunter bow, which also was presented to me by my step-dad.  I used that bow to bag my first bow-killed buck, and my biggest buck to-date!  I’ve recently (GLADLY) upgraded to a Mathews Z7 Extreme—best bow manufacturer, in my opinion!!  I love bow-hunting with an extreme passion, and I don’t pass up any chance I’m presented with to get out into the deer woods with my bow.

                My step-dad laid forth the ethical background and knowledge from which I desire to pay forward, a strong foundation and passion towards everything outdoors.  Therefore, I get the most joy from watching other people experience everything that is outdoors.  Things like, teaching a good friend to fish, or instructing my girlfriend Kim on how to shoot a bow and arrow, are only but a couple of examples.  Nothing makes me feel better than seeing someone else who I may have had a hand in teaching, or at least had some slight guidance in their technique, land that monster fish, or get an opportunity at bagging a deer.  With the way society is now, we need our outdoors more than ever before!  I am so thankful for the friends and family I have, and the ability to share the outdoors with them.

                Happy hunting and fishing!  And above all, GOD BLESS!

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